A Safer Solution to Stabilizing Blood Sugar

A Safer Solution to Stabilizing Blood Sugar

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When it comes to diabetes, maintaining healthy blood sugar levels is considered one of the most important things you can do to defend yourself from long-term complications associated with the disease. In most cases, doctors will prescribe prescription drugs to help normalize blood sugar levels. Unfortunately, these medications are often accompanied by a long list of harmful and unnecessary side effects. In the words of alternative medicine proponent Dr. Joseph M. Mercola, “taking drugs for type 2 diabetes can be far worse than the disease itself!”
According to Mercola, “Drugs used to lower blood sugar may increase your risk of death from all causes by 19 percent, and your risk of cardiovascular mortality by 43 percent!”
An example, a drug called Avandia, which was prescribed to tens of thousands of diabetes patients in the late 90’s, resulted in more than 80,000 diabetics sufferering from strokes, heart failure or other complications. Still, it took nearly 10 years for the FDA to take action and restrict access to this deadly drug! When dangerous side-effects routinely accompany prescription medications, why allow yourself to be the pharmaceutical industry’s guinea pig? We encourage you to consider a different approach – one that focuses on supporting the body through diet instead of drugs - The only method that has the ability to naturally regulate blood sugar levels while sustaining your overall health. A recent article published in Natural News supports this idea. The article, which discusses the positive impact of a vegan diet on blood sugar levels, references a study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, which concluded that the consumption of legumes can help lower blood pressure and stabilize blood sugar. Kathleen Blanchard, RN, reporter for eMaxHealth contributed that, “"Adding one ounce of mixed nuts to the diet daily can help reduce obesity, blood pressure, and blood sugar that are all markers of metabolic syndrome that can lead to Type II diabetes and heart disease." If certain foods have the ability to correct imbalances and treat illness at a cellular level, shouldn’t we, as a society, shift our focus away from drugs and toward the healing power of plant-based diet? Physician and New York Times bestselling author Dr. Hyman certainly thinks so, citing a groundbreaking study in Diabetologia that proves type 2 diabetes can be reversed simply through dietary changes. The study, entitled, Reversal of Type 2 diabetes: normalization of beta cell function in association with decrease pancreas and liver triglycerides, showed how a dramatic diet change, consisting of a low glycemic load, plant-based low-calorie diet, reversed most features of diabetes within one week - and all features in as little as eight weeks! No prescription medication on the market today has the ability to deliver results like that, proving that a plant-based diet could be the key to redefining the way we prevent and treat disease! In his easy-to-read book, The Hallelujah Diet Refined: Maintaining Healthy Blood Sugar, Olin Idol, N.D., C.N.C, explores this topic even further, addressing the question, how can we help prevent diabetes or equip the body to restore itself to a healthy blood sugar level and optimal health? Has a plant-based diet helped you or a family member in the fight against diabetes? Scroll below the related articles to comment!

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