A Resolution You Can Keep!

A Resolution You Can Keep!

Every January, it’s estimated that nearly half of adults in the U.S. begin the year by making New Year’s resolutions. However, according to research by the University of Scranton, only 8% of people actually keep and achieve these self-improvement goals. One reason, says clinical psychologist John Norcross, “vague goals beget vague resolutions.”
Weight loss goals regularly top the list of resolutions. Still, according to the Center for Disease Control, almost 70% of the United States population is considered overweight.
So this year, instead of simply saying, “I’m going to eat healthier,” or “I’m going to lose weight,” increase your odds of success by taking a more defined approach to your nutritional goals. The Hallelujah Diet Starter Kit is the perfect way to start the New Year off right and will actually help you stay motivated as you work toward your specific health and weight loss objectives! Equipped with meal planning tools and powerful, nutritional supplements, The Hallelujah Diet Starter Kit provides your body with vital nutrients and rids your body of excess toxins. In combination with The Hallelujah Diet, this nutritional plan enables you to achieve healthy weight loss quickly, boost your energy naturally, and restore your health for life! It’s believed that two of the biggest reasons that people break their New Year’s resolutions are because they either failed to construct a concrete plan and/or they weren’t able to balance the lifestyle change with other obligations. That’s why our Simply Weekly Meal Plans are designed to help you effortlessly map out an entire month’s worth of great tasting recipes, right from the start! Plus, with our Simple Weekly Meal Plans, you’ll receive a weekly shopping list of easy-to-find ingredients that make meal planning simple, so you can stay focused on your health goals while easily balancing all of your other priorities! The Hallelujah Diet Starter Kit also includes a copy of our best-selling book, “The Hallelujah Diet,” sure to guide, inform and encourage you along the way. Most importantly, The Hallelujah Diet Starter Kit provides two of our most powerful, scientifically proven, natural supplements to jump start your weight loss and cleanse your body so you can get a fresh start on your journey to optimal health! The essential nutrients found in BarleyMax’s all-natural formula can reverse DNA damage and help to prevent premature aging and disease! Plus, packed with vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids, trace element, antioxidants, live enzymes and more, this mean, green superfood provides the nutrients you need to get your health back on track – and it tastes great, too! The Hallelujah Diet Starter Kit also features Fiber Cleanse, a blend of 28 all-natural, cleansing herbs that enable you to absorb the nutrients in your diet more effectively and provides a complete full body detox. The detoxifying ingredients in Fiber Cleanse also help to improve bowel function, regulate blood sugar levels and rid your body of energy-zapping toxins, resulting in increased energy and improved mental focus! With all of these incredible tools in your pocket, you are certain to see quick, powerful results – surely one of the most motivating factors associated with maintaining lifestyle changes and achieving long-term goals! So start the year off right and turn your resolutions into a life-long pledge for better health by picking up a Hallelujah Diet Starter Kit today! And for even better results, encourage a friend or family member to join you. Countless statistics show that when you have a strong support group and hold each other accountable for health-improvement goals, you are even more likely to succeed!

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