A Nutrition Student's Question About Genesis 1:29

A Nutrition Student's Question About Genesis 1:29

Just what are they teaching in our universities regarding diet — even in Holistic Nutrition classes? Gabi W., a student, reveals the surprising answer.
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Rev. Malkmus Discusses the Biblical Basis for a Plant-Based Diet

We thought you'd appreciate this interesting conversation Rev. Malkmus had with a nutrition student regarding the biblical basis for a plant-based diet. This exchange is shared with permission given by the student, Gabi W. Enjoy!

“Hello Rev. Malkmus, do you have any biblical references other than Genesis 1:29 to support why we should eat strictly a plant based diet? I am studying to become a Holistic Nutritionist and I get into heated discussions defending the Genesis 1:29 diet. Many of the other students along with the instructor keep telling me that the Genesis 1:29 diet is outdated and has been superseded by the Genesis 9:3 diet where God said it is alright to eat meat. I sincerely would appreciate your help here.” Gabi W.

Rev. Malkmus Responds...

Hi Gabi, Why would we need any additional references to Genesis 1:29? Does God have to say something more than once for us to accept what He has to say concerning a subject? Let’s take a good look at what God had to say and the circumstances surrounding the proclamation. God creates Adam, places him in a garden called Eden, and then tells him in Genesis 1:29 what he should eat in order to properly nourish the physical body God had just created and provided for him. Clearly this diet was comprised of 100% plant-sourced foods. No one can dispute that fact! Now if God told Adam that a 100% plant food diet was proper nourishment for his body, why would it not be the proper diet for every human that was to follow? God’s original teaching is never outdated. God’s original teaching regarding divorce was “no divorce.” Did God later allow divorce? Yes, but what was (and is) God’s original intent concerning the subject? If we continue to follow the biblical account, we learn that after Adam and Eve were forced by God to leave the Garden of Eden, this 100% plant-based Genesis 1:29 diet continued to be the exclusive diet of mankind for the next 1,700 years, right up until the flood. And during that 1,700 years there is not a single recorded instance of sickness! Not to mention that man lives to an average age of 912 (average age of patriarchs at death). Then comes the flood in which all plant foods were covered with water. It was only after the flood had destroyed all plant foods that God allowed man to consume the flesh of the clean animals on the ark – I believe for survival purposes – not for nutritional purposes. It was only after animal sourced foods were added to the diet that the first instance of sickness is reported.
Today, it is the animal products that are the cause of almost every physical problem. Eliminate animal source foods from the diet and you remove almost any potential of ever having a heart attack, stroke, cardiovascular problem, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, asthma, acid stomach, heartburn, and the list goes on. The cause or contributing cause of almost every physical problem we experience today (other than accidents, of course) is the consumption of animal products. And why would we want to eat something from an animal in the first place? All the nutrients in animal flesh or dairy originated in the green plant the animal ate. When we eat the animal to get nutrients we are obtaining them second-hand from some dead animal they may have just cut the cancer out of or that has mad cow disease. I personally have not consumed anything of animal origin — not flesh, egg, or dairy in the past 36 years — and have experienced not a single nutritional deficiency. How can your fellow students and instructor account for this fact? Have fun! God and the teachings of the Bible are on your side! Rev. George Malkmus

Gabi's Response To Rev. Malkmus

“Thank you Rev. George, I tend to be somewhat of an introvert — more a quiet person — and it is hard for me sometimes to speak up boldly. In this case I believe in God’s diet and having your strong support of the Genesis 1:29 diet (God’s diet) I feel confident to carry on with my belief regardless what my fellow students or teacher says or thinks. But it is frustrating when even the teacher in the holistic nutrition field supports meat and dairy. How can the general public find the truth regarding what is proper nutrition when even the instructors are not teaching the truth to those who will be dealing directly with the public? No wonder there is so much sickness in the world and to think it is being promoted by those who are supposed to be the experts. Once again ‘Thank You’ – I just needed to hear what you had to say. I truly respect what you are teaching and your words will help give me the strength I need to carry on the message and the proclaiming of God’s Original Diet.” Gabi W.

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