A New Life at 90-Years-Young

A New Life at 90-Years-Young

How would you like to score 100% on your driving test at nearly 90 years old? Marie did it! She also parasails, rides a Sea-Doo and frequents a raw food restaurant. Read about this amazing woman!
In last week’s Health Tip #692, I shared a number of birthday greetings I had received from across America and around the world. One of those greetings was from Health Ministers George and Peggy N. who live in Mesa, Arizona:
“Happy Birthday George! You look great on the cover of the recent ‘Hallelujah Acres Health News’. We showed your picture to our ‘Get Healthy/Stay Balanced’ students and asked the question – ‘Don’t you want this kind of energy, health and vitality as you approach your 8th decade?’ We certainly do! We sent a testimony of my mom who has been on The Hallelujah Diet for 15 years to you recently. She will celebrate her 90th birthday in March.”
Accompanying that birthday greeting was the testimony of that 89-year-old woman:
“My name is Marie H.; I was born in Aurora, Missouri on March 25, 1921. In June 1996, at the age of 75, I heard Rev. George Malkmus in Lodi, California give his testimony about overcoming cancer by simply changing his diet. One thing George talked about was acid reflux. I had this condition and had chewed antacid tablets like candy for over 30 years. George said, ‘you can get over acid reflux in seven days by simply giving up animal products.' Could his claim really be true and could I give up animal products for a whole week? So being from the ‘show me’ state, I said to myself, ‘show me!’ With the encouragement of my daughter, Peggy, I took George’s challenge. On the sixth day of the seven-day challenge, I no longer had acid reflux. But not only did I give up meat for those seven days, but haven’t eaten any meat in nearly 15 years. And as a result, and by following The Hallelujah Diet, have been antacid free for 15 years. My daughter, Peggy and her husband have been Hallelujah Acres Health Ministers for over 15 years and they showed me how to prepare healthy meals for my husband and me. I didn’t miss my old SAD diet, but my husband would grumble about missing his meat. However, The Hallelujah Diet dramatically improved our health. My husband no longer needed his high blood pressure medicine and nor his pre-diabetic medication. He went to be with the Lord a few years ago, but I believe that his quality of life in his later days was lengthened by The Hallelujah Diet. We were married for 65 years. I will be 90-years-young this month. Actually I tell people that ‘I will be 25 on the 90th day of March.’ I recently passed my driver’s license test with a 100% score. I still drive to church, grocery shopping, the mall, and eat out with friends. I also clean my own home and prepare my own meals. A few years ago, Peggy and her husband took me to Hawaii. It was very exciting riding a parasail with my daughter, riding on the back of a Sea-Doo with my son-in-law, and putting my toes in the sand at the beach with my great grandchildren. Life is good! Three of my grandchildren wrote the raw food recipe book: How We All Went Raw.’ They call themselves the Top Raw Men; because they are in TOP physical condition because they are on the Hallelujah Diet and eat raw fruits and vegetables, seeds and nuts. My granddaughter calls herself the ‘Chic Flavor’ of the Top Raw Men. I meet weekly for lunch at a local raw food restaurant run by Liz F., another Hallelujah Acres Health Minister in Sacramento, California. The other day a customer in the restaurant bought my grandchildren’s book and walked over to my table and asked me to autograph the book. I asked her what she would like me to write and she replied, ‘just sign it Top Raw Grandma,’ and I did. When I go to my doctor for my annual checkup, the doctor invariably asks me to name all the medicines that I am taking. The doctor and medical staff are always amazed with my answer. ‘I feel healthy; have no pain, and TAKE NO MEDICATIONS.' I give all the credit for my good health to Jesus for leading me to The Hallelujah Diet. Thank you George, Rhonda, Paul, and Ann Malkmus for teaching and living the Genesis 1:29 diet. Amen!”
EDITOR’S NOTE: Dr. Norman Walker was introduced to the raw plant-based diet 50s and went on to live within seven months of 100th his birthday. Above we read the testimony by Marie, who made the diet change to a 100% plant-based diet at age 75 and is still experiencing excellent health at age 90. These types of testimonies are not unusual for senior citizens who adopt The Hallelujah Diet. We have had testimonies of people in their 80s and 90s coming out of wheelchairs and even nursing homes after making the diet change. (Children with parents in nursing homes who put parents on BarleyMax and take them daily carrot and other raw freshly extracted vegetable juices often see almost miraculous improvement in their parents' health!)

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