A Great Big Hallelujah!

A Great Big Hallelujah!

In the church Rhonda and I attend, there is a lady and her husband who often sit in front of us. For many years she has been suffering with terrible back pain from what the doctors call arthritis. She sits through the service with either her husband or her rubbing her back trying to make the pain tolerable. Well last evening at church, she stood up, turned around, and gave me a hug – explaining that she had gone on a 100% plant-based diet (eliminated all animal products from her diet) and she was pain free for the first time she could remember. She said it didn’t hurt anyplace! She shared with Rhonda and me that the doctors had her on some very powerful pain medications in the past but nothing seemed to work – nothing relieved the pain – until she changed her diet. We rejoiced with her! She also shared that she was telling everyone in the church about her experience. In the morning service, a 77-year-old man came up to me and said that his legs were failing him and he was having lots of back pain and wondered what he could do to strengthen his legs and reduce the pain. Friends, though I am not a doctor, many of the people in the church where we attend, after they have been to the doctor and the doctor has exhausted everything they knew to do to help the person – they come to Brother George looking for help. I have learned through the years that most physical problems being experienced today are due to — and caused by — improper diet and lifestyle. I share that with them that a change in diet and lifestyle can often help. I hate to see people suffer and it is so rewarding to see people who take heed to what I have to share – change their diet and lifestyle – and get well! Hallelujah!

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