A Blast From The Past

A Blast From The Past

Since 1992, when Hallelujah Acres had its beginning, I have been sharing God’s Way to Ultimate Health in various cities across America as well as across Canada, Australia, and South Africa. Today’s testimony comes from a dear lady who attended one of my early seminars back in 1997, seventeen years ago.
“Dear George, Happy 80th birthday. How I wanted to be in Charlotte, North Carolina last week for your 80th birthday celebration. Since I wasn’t able to come I will catch you again in Florida or next time you are in Charlotte. Now, I want to thank you again for your famous teaching lecture in Kingsport, Tennessee in November of 1997. That was my first exposure to the Hallelujah Acres lifestyle and what an experience it has been to again and again attend your seminar and only recently again go through Health Minister Training on the internet. I went through it again to make sure I was staying on track as I age. Did you know that the Cleveland Clinic Centers Lifestyle Medicine is now teaching what you taught so many years ago? Isn’t it interesting that what you have been teaching since 1992 in your ‘God’s Way to Ultimate Health’ seminars is now coming to the center of attention as a ‘healthy lifestyle’? I am so grateful that I took your training and have benefitted so much from it. I am now 75 years old, yes I am coming right along behind you. I take no medications, have abundant energy, drive anywhere I want and spend abundant time with my four great granddaughters at the age of 75 because I have been on the Hallelujah Diet for past 17 years. I have a large 2-story house and by the grace of God I take care of it all by myself. Recently when the granddaughters and I were out in my van, I asked them if when I get old, would they come and get me and drive me around so I wouldn’t have to stay home alone? The oldest piped up and said, ‘Oh Grandma, you will never be too old to drive!PTL. I lost my younger sister this year to the fact she walked out of your ‘God’s Way to Ultimate Health’ seminar in Parkersburg, West Virginia and turned around to me and said, ‘I am not going to eat the Hallelujah Diet’. She heard your message but didn’t apply it to her life and she got weaker and weaker until she died. So unnecessary! Another younger sister just had a second knee replacement, is diabetic, and has multiple stents. My younger brother survived a recent heart attack and refuses to change his diet. Still eats the SAD diet and I pray he will change his diet before it gets too late for him. Now my son is a different story. He was challenged by a VA doctor who told him he was killing himself by eating the wrong foods. He is now on a plant based diet (like the Hallelujah Diet) along with his wife and she told me my prayers had been answered and YES they have! He has lost over 50 pounds, and almost off his sleep apnea machine. He calls me and says, ‘Mom, I feel soooo good and have my mind back!’ He said, someone should write a book about this way of eating’. I laugh and say, ‘Son, come over I have bookshelves full of books about this lifestyle’. I gave them Rhonda’s new recipe book for Christmas. Brother Malkmus, you have been right on with your thorough teachings all these many years and I commend you for your faithfulness over the years – especially when what you were teaching was not popular for so many years. I am so blessed to have the information you have taught which has allowed me to age healthy, as God intended. Old age does not have to equal disease! I have to chuckle to myself when I hear the information the media is just now bringing to the forefront and think – George taught that many years ago and how lucky I was that at the age of 59 I heard it, took it to heart, and applied it. I praise the Lord He led me to you and the truth! May you and Rhonda have many more years to do what you love to do – sharing your knowledge and experience with all of us. I thank my God for you! Stay well and live long and strong! Love and blessings to you and yours!” ~ Elizabeth F., Williamstown, West Virginia

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