8 Things You Can Do To Beat Diabetes

8 Things You Can Do To Beat Diabetes

InfoGraphic: Discover the best diet for diabetics, how to restore the body’s communication to stop the damage, and which vitamin is the key to insulin health!
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  1. Eliminate all animal foods from the diet. Elevated blood glucose has been known to normalize in as little as two to three weeks after animal source foods are eliminated.
  2. Eat a mostly raw, low calorie, nutrient dense, whole food, plant-based diet like The Hallelujah Diet!
  3. Exercise! Staying fit helps restore insulin and leptin sensitivity.
  4. Optimize vitamin D blood levels (50 to 80 ng/ml) to improve insulin sensitivity.
  5. Emphasize whole plant foods while minimizing starchy foods that require excess insulin to metabolize.
  6. Monitor blood sugar if you have blood sugar issues; those on medication may need their doctor to help them taper off of medication.
  7. Minimize all sugar including natural sugars from fruit. Eat fruits whole, limit fruit intake, and avoid fruit juices.
  8. Maintain a daily source of essential fats such as flax seed, flax seed oil, Udo’s oil, and Pharmax Finest Pure fish oil.

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