6 Healthy Lifestyle Changes for Middle Aged Women

6 Healthy Lifestyle Changes for Middle Aged Women

If you are over the age of 50, then it is likely that you have noticed a change in your metabolism and the way you gain weight. Many women find that it is hard to lose weight, and they seem to pack on the pounds every year. Just because you are getting older, doesn’t mean that you should be gaining weight! Here are a few dietary changes that you should make if you are a middle-aged woman:

1. Cut the Junk

Junk food is a guaranteed thing that will make you gain weight. Your body can’t handle the processed foods as well as a younger person! Don’t be fooled into thinking that you can indulge on a processed snack every now and then, because the extra calories, fat, and sugar will sabotage your weight loss goals. Stay away from anything that is prepackaged or filled with sugar, unhealthy fats, or refined grains

2. Eat Your Veggies

As a mother, you likely spent a lot of time encouraging your kids to eat their vegetables. Now that you are getting older, it is important that you are still getting plenty of vegetables. Just because you don’t have young kids at home, doesn’t mean that you don’t need to add vegetables to your meals. When you eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, they will boost your nutritional levels and make it easier for you to get rid of those excess pounds.

3. Stay Active

The aches and pains of getting older can make it more difficult to find the desire to exercise, but it is very important that you stay active throughout your life. Don’t worry about high intensity workouts, because they might lead to injury and more pain. Instead, find something low impact that you enjoy, such as walking, water aerobics, or Pilates. It doesn’t matter what you do, just make sure that you are moving your body!

4. Drink More Water

Instead of reaching for soda, coffee, or a glass of wine, try switching it up for a glass of water instead. Staying hydrated is essential to help you maintain your energy levels, support your digestive system, and keep your major organs functioning optimally. Make sure that you are drinking plenty of water each day.

5. Monitor Your Sleep Schedule

Regular sleep patterns play a big role in your energy levels and hormone balancing, and it is important that you are sticking with regular sleeping patterns. Go to bed early and make sure that you are sleeping in a dark, quiet environment that is supportive of a good night’s sleep. When you get enough sleep at night, it will have a direct impact on your hormone levels and your overall health.

6. Take a High Quality Supplement

Your body can use the extra support, which is why you should look for a high quality supplement that you can use to boost your overall health. Our supplements here at Luminology are formulated specifically for women like you, to balance your hormones and improve your health. Contact us today to learn more about the supplements that are available!

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