Before you start eating healthier, eliminate these foods from your kitchen.

5 Foods to Remove from Your Kitchen Right Now

Before you start eating healthier, eliminate these foods from your kitchen.
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Millions of people vow to be healthier when the new year comes around. You've been there: Making promises to get more sleep, manage stress, exercise more often and make better food choices. If you're one of many who plan on fueling your body with more nutritious foods, you must first raid the kitchen and remove the harmful, unhealthy items that are holding you back. Some may come as more of a surprise than others, but we strongly recommend getting rid of these foods to start off on the right foot:

1. Alcohol
First and foremost, you should only be consuming foods and beverages that provide optimal nutritional value - and alcohol doesn't fall under that category. As Ann Malkmus pointed out in her book "Unravel the Mystery," studies have found that a small amount of resveratrol, an antioxidant, can be found in wine. Unfortunately, the number of harmful disadvantages that come with drinking alcohol can't justify the slight benefit. Those include:

  • Its calorie content - high caloric intake contribute to weight gain, and being overweight increases one's risk for developing chronic diseases and cancers.
  • Its ability to deplete vitamins - alcohol lowers the body's ability to properly absorb vital nutrients, such as zinc, magnesium and B-complex vitamins, especially folate.
  • Its capacity to destroy the liver - It can cause inflammation and scarring in the liver, and it can completely demolish it as well.

2. Meat
You're probably thinking: What's wrong with meat? Where else am I going to get my protein? There are plenty of other healthy, plant-based options that'll fuel your body with the appropriate amount of amino acids, vitamins and minerals needed to thrive.

The reason we frown upon the consumption of meat is simple: All meat, whether pasture finished, free range, or factory farmed, are associated with negative health effects like osteoporosis, diabetes, heart disease and cancer. The animal protein itself, even from clean animals, causes the trouble. Nowadays, animals are cooped up and fed growth hormones and antibiotics that make the meat far from organic, making the effects even worse. And the animal fat you're constantly eating? That can increase your blood pressure levels and lead to other severe health conditions. Do your body a favor and leave the chicken, beef and pork at the grocery store for the people who don't care about taking care of their bodies.

3. Dairy Products
Much like meats, it's time to say goodbye to the dairy products in your refrigerator. The cheese and milk you're consuming was never meant for you in the first place, as Ann explained in her book:

"Man is the only animal in nature that once weaned from its mother, begins to drink milk from the cow," she said. "The milk from the cow is meant for cows, milk from pigs is meant for pigs and milk from humans is meant for humans. Man somehow has gotten confused about the purpose and source of milk."

A calf is meant to drink cow milk, not a human being.A calf is meant to drink cow milk, not a human being.

She went on to address that all of the fats and proteins found in cow's milk were designed to fuel a baby calf so it can grow into a healthy cow. Because cows and humans function differently, we should not be consuming those same nutrients. If you want to continue drinking milk, stick to an organic alternative created for people, such as almond, rice, hemp or coconut milk.

4. White Sugars
Now that we've made it this far, this one shouldn't be too surprising. But white sugar is more dangerous than you think. Not only does eating too much of the stuff lead to weight gain, behavioral issues, acne, fatigue and bloating, it also has the ability to shut down the immune system. Without a strong defense structure, the chance of developing illness and chronic disease is heightened. A compromised immune system is also less likely to recognize and seek out cancer cells, which increases your chance of developing cancer.

"White sugars shut down the immune system."

Now that you know all of this, how appetizing does that can of soda sound? How about the breakfast cereals, candy bars, cakes and cookies chock-full of refined sugars that are sitting in your pantry? No sweet treat is worth the deterioration of your immune system. It's time to throw those unhealthy snacks in the trash.

5. White Flour
What do you use the white flour in your kitchen for? Seeing as it's a main ingredient to most cupcakes, cookies and cakes, it's likely used for baking. You're ready to eliminate those sugary treats from your pantry, so you might as well remove the white flour while you're at it. But that's not the only reason you should eliminate it. Did you know that white flour is bleached and aged with chlorine dioxide to give it that color? In Ann's book, she highlighted that it doesn't stop there - chalk is added to the mix to lighten it up even more. And that's not all: ammonium carbonate, emulsifiers, Alloxen and anti-salting agents are added to complete the process. With so many chemicals and additives that go into the making of white flour, does it really sound like a healthy item to have in the kitchen? We beg to differ. If you want to keep flour in the pantry, switch to organic whole wheat. It doesn't go through that harmful chemically "enriched" process so it contains the fiber and nutrient of natural whole grains.

Now that you've removed the harmful, nutrient-lacking foods from your diet, it's time to fill your kitchen with the raw, natural sustenance that'll benefit your overall health and well-being. You see, when God created our bodies, he did it with the intention that we would only fuel them with the natural fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and grains found in the earth's soil. That's why we recommend joining us on the path to better health by following the Hallelujah Diet today. With our Get Started Guide and Get Started Kit, you'll receive valuable information, meal plans and supplements that can jump-start your new and improved lifestyle.

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