4 Ways Big Pharma Is Ripping You Off

4 Ways Big Pharma Is Ripping You Off

An article in Newsmax.com, dated July 24, 2015 titled “4 Ways Big Pharma Is Ripping you Off” caught my attention. Below are some quotes from the article:
“America spends more than any other country on healthcare, yet ranks last in health quality among developing nations. Why is this? Much of it can be blamed on our system of administering prescription drugs. “Prescription medications make up close to 10 percent of the 2.9 trillion annual total spent on healthcare in the U.S., and costs of drugs continues to rise. Your health may not be the first priority of big pharmaceutical companies, whose shareholders demand maximum profits. “'Physicians are by and large really goodhearted, well-meaning people, but without knowing it, they are simply being herded into recommending what is most profitable,' says Jacob Teitelbaum, M.D., a board certified internist and author of the best-selling book ‘Real Cause, Real Cure.’ “’Sadly, most medical education, including journals and medical conferences, is paid for by pharmaceutical and medical products industry,’ he tells Newsmax Health. ‘They’re basically slick advertising masquerading as science.’ The deception doesn’t end there.”
Then the article lists ‘4 ways big pharmaceutical companies rip you off’ and explains each. 1. Payoffs to Doctors 2. Massive Marketing 3. Product Hopping 4. Pay for Delay

What You Can Do?

"The best way to protect yourself is to be an informed consumer," says Dr. Teitelbaum. "Do your own research about drugs you are taking to determine if there are more effective, less expensive, or safer options."

Rev. Malkmus Comments

For more than 23 years I have been my own doctor. As far as an M.D. is concerned, I go to an alternative medical doctor once annually for a check-up and to have a complete blood panel done. If any problem is noted, I research the problem and see what I can do to correct the problem without taking a prescription drug. Some of the alternatives I have used are change in diet and lifestyle, and supplements. I have learned that there is almost always a safer and less expensive alternative to drugs. I have also learned that all drugs are toxic and have a toxic effect upon the body. By being my own doctor, I overcame colon cancer 40 years ago and a hemorrhagic stroke 14 years ago all without any drugs or taking any medical doctor's advice. I will be 82 years old on my next birthday, and I am still experiencing exceptional health after 40 years of being my own doctor, personally evaluating what might be wrong with my body, and prescribing for myself a change in diet and/or lifestyle or supplement to correct the problem. So far this approach is still working well for me. By the way, I have been on a primarily raw, 100% plant-based diet for the past 40 years, along with an abundance of freshly extracted vegetable juices.

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