4 Tips to Manage Weight Gain During Menopause

4 Tips to Manage Weight Gain During Menopause

One reason that women dread menopause is because they assume that they will have a difficult time losing weight after their hormones change. It is true that menopause results in a decreased daily caloric need, but it doesn't necessarily mean that you will start gaining weight. In fact, you can easily avoid weight gain during menopause with a few simple steps:

ScaleReduce Stress Levels

Stress has a direct impact on your hormone levels, which can in turn impact your weight. If you are stressed, then your body goes into a "fight or flight" response, which causes certain stress hormones to be released. The problem is that many people face high levels of stress on a daily basis, and the stress is likely causing problems with hormone balancing. Reduce your stress by taking time for yourself, including activities that are fun, relaxing, and include movement.

Move Your Body

Exercise helps to reduce stress levels, and it also helps with weight loss at the same time since you are increasing your caloric requirements each day. If you are a person who dreads the idea of spending time at the gym, look for other activities that you enjoy instead. Don't think about it as exercise, instead you should include more daily tasks that increase your movement. Moving your body helps in two ways: you will burn more calories, and endorphins will be released which help to reduce stress levels. Consider fun activities such as walking the dog, playing with your grandchildren, yard work, or dancing.

Pay Attention to Nutrition

Don't get caught in the trap of counting calories, because it can be an exhausting weight loss program. A better method is to focus your meals around high-nutrient ingredients, and avoid empty calories. Most processed foods are made with ingredients that have been stripped of nutrition, which means that you will be consuming a lot of calories but your body will still be lacking the important nutrients that are needed for optimal health. If you are eating empty calories, it is likely that you will overeat. Your brain will continue sending hunger signals even if your stomach is full, because additional vitamins and minerals are needed to support the natural functions within your body. Examples of high-nutrient ingredients include fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, and seeds. Eat an abundance of these foods each day, and it will be much easier to lose weight.

Hormone Balancing

Most women assume that the only way to balance their hormones is by using hormone treatments to increase hormone levels. Using hormone treatments can be quite dangerous for your health, and there are many associated risks to hormone therapy. Instead of introducing new hormones to your body, a better solution is to proactively support the natural hormone balancing functions within the body. The Luminology products are designed for this very reason: to use natural ingredients which assist the natural hormonal controllers in your body.

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