3 Delicious Vitamin A Recipes: Detoxifying Carrot Bisque, Pickled Carrots & Carrot Juice!

3 Delicious Vitamin A Recipes: Detoxifying Carrot Bisque, Pickled Carrots & Carrot Juice!

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Ever wanted to see Chef Rich in action? Watch him whip up his juicy, crunchy Winter Greens Salad on CBS in Charlotte, NC! For many of us, the beginning of the year is the healthiest time of the year. We feel motivated to detox and try out new cleansing recipes to recharge our bodies (and maybe lose a bit of weight, too). A bowl of soup is perfect for your detox endevaours—it’s super filling, low in calories and easy to incorporate pure, healing ingredients. In fact, the Hallelujah Diet® 7-Day Detox Program centers around soups for the most appetizing, energizing detox. Sign up today for your FREE soup and juice recipes! Even those of us in sunny cities are feeling the ongoing chill, so a comforting bowl of soup is still a welcome part of our entrée rotation. This week, Chef Rich has created for us a delicious soup that also accommodates to many of our resolutions to cleanse our bodies. This soup is just 180 calories per serving! The heart of this soup is the mighty carrot. Did you know that its name comes from the Greek word karoton, which describes the beta-carotene so abundant in carrots? Beta-carotene is what makes your fruits and vegetables red, yellow and orange, and they provide almost half of the Vitamin A you need through food. Vitamin A does virtually everything for our bodies, including helping the liver flush out toxins, improving vision, helping to prevent disease and stimulating the renewal of skin cells. Q: How is this Carrot Ginger soup different from others?
I love this soup because it has great balance and many layers of flavor. The sweetness of the carrots blends perfectly with the slightly tart orange juice and the creamy coconut milk. Try roasting your carrots for a delicious additional layer of flavor!
Q: For those of us who are a bit afraid of spice, what can we do to temper it?
I don’t think the ginger will add much heat to the soup, but if you’re very sensitive to the flavor of ginger, you can always reduce the amount you add to the soup. Also, leave out the cayenne if you don’t want any heat. I like just a dash of cayenne in the soup to wake up my taste buds.
Q: Do you have any tricks that will make this easier for those who aren't the best soup makers?
I think this soup is quite easy to make, but having an immersion or “stick” blender will definitely make it a breeze. It’s such an amazing gadget that I use all the time, and they’re not too expensive.
carrot-ginger-quote carrot-ginger-soup If you’ve ever been to a traditional Mexican restaurant, you may’ve noticed a simple side of carrots that accompanied the main entrée. If you ate them, you were probably surprised by their tangy deliciousness. Chef Rich has made a Hallelujah Diet-friendly version that are serious treats for your mouth (and far from the temptations of a burrito). At only 10 calories per serving, these scrumptious carrots are the perfect guilt-free accoutrements for dishes that may need some extra flair. pickled-carrots Whether or not you’re in the thick of a New Year’s cleanse, this 4-ingredient health juice is perfect for any time you want to drink to heal. A special note on beets: They’re not only detoxifying but they’re also anti-inflammatory, which is a root cause of many issues including weight gain and disease. The ginger adds a bit of heat and further enhances the cleansing benefits of the drink. Make this as a snack, to accompany a meal or even breakfast. It’s just 220 calories per serving. Your body will love the unexpected downpour of nutrients! carrot-juice-harvest Whipped up a dish you fell in love with? Share your vegan or plant-based recipe with your fellow healthy eaters! Your recipe may be featured on myHDiet.com and in the Fall In Love Again With Food Again newsletter.

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