20 Years Disease-free!

20 Years Disease-free!

In last week’s Health Tip I asked our readers if it was time for me to retire at age 80. The response was overwhelmingly not to retire. But what I didn’t expect was for some of those responses to contain testimonies of the improved health some of those writing had experienced after adopting the Hallelujah Diet.
“Dear Rev. Malkmus, Twenty years ago after a colonoscopy that revealed a diseased colon, I heard about and adopted the Hallelujah Diet. Well here I am 20 years later and my colon, as a result of simply changing my diet, is working fine and is no longer diseased. I can’t imagine Hallelujah Acres without you. Since you still feel great, why not stay with all of us a little longer. Your example alone is a great encouragement to my husband and me as we age. God bless you for all you do, and praying for God’s will in your life.” ~ Helen T.
“We have greatly admired you, your ministry and your family for many years. Thank you for allowing the Lord to use you all in such an amazing way! You have poured out your lives to help a sick and dying church and I am one of those who you poured out your life to help. I know for one, that I would not still be alive on this earth except for your teachings. At the age of 80 you certainly deserve to be able to retire, but we hope and pray that you and Rhonda will continue telling the world that this lifestyle is from God and that it works! We are so thankful to be able to still be walking in divine health today because of your obedience to God.” ~ John & Dianne E.
“First and foremost I know you will seek God’s guidance in this life-changing decision. He has blessed you with such a gift of teaching, and He has healed you physically and prepared you for this wonderful ministry. I am one of many that hope you do not retire. Your personal health is such a blessing and I have shared your testimony with friends and loved ones who are going through illnesses and cancers. Just last Saturday in Memphis (our home), we were in a seminar on how to heal cancer through simple diet change. The speaker was a young man, a Hallelujah Acres Health Minister, who healed himself of stage 3 colon cancer at age 26 by simply following the Hallelujah Diet. He had learned about the Hallelujah Diet from a friend in Alaska who had sent him your book ‘God’s Way to Ultimate Health’, and it not only had changed his life, but it had saved his life. Your continued relationship with Hallelujah Acres has made me feel ‘connected’ and has encouraged my husband and me. My husband says: ‘Don’t retire with as much energy as you still have. You have to use that energy somewhere so why not use it to continue helping people!’ We attended your ‘God’s Way to Ultimate Health’ seminar in Shelby about six years ago and have been on your diet ever since, sharing the good news ‘that you don’t have to be sick’ with others ever since. We will keep you in our prayers and once again, thank you for all you do.” ~ Margaret T., Memphis, Tennessee
“Dr. Malkmus the answer is ‘NO’. You definitely should not retire! You are too young in body, mind and heart to retire. If you retired I think you would be miserable. Besides, there are a lot of people who still need to hear your health message. You have too much to offer to give it all up now when you are in such good health and feeling so good. Keep going until the Lord tells you to quit or takes you home to heaven to be with Him. I personally will be 86 years old on November 2, 2013 and have been on the Hallelujah Diet since March 2001 when you spoke at the Christian Retreat in Bradenton, Florida at the end of February of that year. Following your seminar I changed my diet to the Hallelujah Diet and I have been faithfully on the diet for the past 12 years.” ~ Norma W., Florida

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