13 Years Cancer Free And Counting!

13 Years Cancer Free And Counting!

A lifetime free of sickness and disease is possible! Discover how others are doing it and how easy it can be!
Hallelujah Acres had its beginning on February 12, 1992 — 20 years ago! Ever since that beginning, testimonies have flowed into Hallelujah Acres from people who adopted The Hallelujah Diet and were writing to share how their health has improved! Tens-of-thousands have written to share their experiences – and they are still pouring in:
“As one who was God-guided to attend your ‘How to Eliminate Sickness’ seminar in Rockford, Illinois in 1999 (13 years ago), and then to be healed of ovarian cancer after adopting The Hallelujah Diet you shared in that seminar, I know the loving kindness of our God first-hand. He has guided me in my personal health and in my health ministry just as he guided you. Thank you also so much for sharing your personal history with us in Health Tip #739. I must admit, being a sometimes curious female, I wondered about your past and what had happened to the mother of your children. It’s difficult to share personal grief like that sometimes and I admire you even more for having done that. How I wish my husband and I could be with you all for Hallelujah Acres' 20th anniversary celebration. We will continue praying for the success and blessings of Hallelujah Acres.” Health Ministers John & Carolyn H., Fitchburg, Wisconsin
“I have been on The Hallelujah Diet for 50 days now and my headaches are gone, I have way more energy, and am sleeping better. My blood pressure has gone down from 160/99 to 140/70. My skin is so soft now and filling out a bit and my hair has also become very soft. To top it off I have lost 20 pounds. And to think that all of these improvements in my health and well-being have happened since I did something as simple as change what I ate less than two months ago is amazing. To accomplish these improvements I eliminated all animal source foods from my diet, along with all refined sugar and refined grains and added to my diet three 8 oz glasses of carrot juice daily, three servings of BarleyMax daily, and I eat 85% raw and 15% cooked plant foods exclusively. Yes, I am now a vegan.” Teresa C.
“I love Hallelujah Acres, its diet and its products. Thank you Hallelujah Acres for having the eating program that God, my Lord and Savior, led my husband and I to six months ago. We have attended a Hallelujah Acres nutrition class and as a result of making some changes in our diet and lifestyle I have dropped over 50 pounds in just six months, I am stronger and happier than I have been in a very long time. My husband is also doing well on The Hallelujah Diet and is also losing weight. Please keep doing what you are doing!” Johanna Y.
“Dear Dr. Malkmus, I just read your article addressing the issue of ‘How Prayers Can Hinder the Healing of God’s People’. I appreciate you raising that issue. In order to reverse the epidemic of chronic diseases such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer, autism, obesity, etc., we must create an environment that promotes a return to eating the foods described in Genesis 1:29. Sadly, churches, schools and health care providers do not make prevention a priority. By the time people get to doctors they require crisis management. Medical schools do not teach us how to prevent and reverse disease through simple diet and lifestyle changes. Prevention should be the word of the day, not crisis management.” Dr. Roby M. (M.D.)
“My husband and I attended your free ‘God’s Way to Ultimate Health’ seminar in Shelby the first Saturday of January 2012 and we were inspired. Thank you for your leadership and example in the health movement! You are loved and appreciated.” Estelle B.

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