Biblical diet focus of guest Chillicothe Baptist speaker

Biblical diet focus of guest Chillicothe Baptist speaker

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MAY 1, 2010

Emphasizing the wisdom of the Genesis 1:29 diet of raw fruits and vegetables handed down to mankind in the Garden of Eden, the Rev. George Malkmus delivers a message of health through natural foods from a biblical perspective.

He will bring his message of health to Chillicothe Baptist Church, 14000 Ohio 104, at 10 a.m. May 8.

Malkmus, a Baptist preacher for more than 30 years, combines the personal testimonial of his own recovery from colon cancer with his research in nutrition and biblical teachings to develop a case for a vegetarian diet composed primarily of raw foods. He teaches that God created our bodies to be self-healing, and healing works best when we give our bodies nutrition in the form of raw foods as God intended.

Malkmus teaches the more mankind strays from the original Genesis 1:29 diet of raw fruits and vegetables, the more likely sickness is to occur. The book of Genesis also states God intends us to earn this food by "the sweat of thy face" (exercise). Malkmus reminds Christians that bodies are the "temple of God," and "If any man defile the temple, him shall God destroy...."

Over 30 years ago, at the age of 42, Malkmus was told he had colon cancer, shortly after his mother's death from the same disease. Rather than pursuing the medical route, which was fatal for his mother, Malkmus adopted a vegetarian diet, composed largely of raw vegetables, vegetable juices and fruits, to regain his health.

This new diet and lifestyle not only allowed his body to heal the colon cancer but also offered relief from ailments such as high blood pressure, hemorrhoids, hypoglycemia and severe sinus and allergy problems. Today, in his 70s, Malkmus enjoys excellent health with more energy now than in his teens.

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